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When you click a link to any of the music tracks below, the music will play and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the track through our partners at AudioJungle. Click your browser’s back button to return to this page.

ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA - If one of the cable channels ever has a show called “Rednecks in Space,” this should be the theme song. It’s a down-home yet rocking bluegrass version of the Strauss classic (just checked—still spinning in grave), that was featured in THE classic sci-fi movie of the late sixties. But our version has banjo, ya’ll!

AMAZING GRACE - This is a nice country bluegrass version of the classic hymn. Guitars, dobro, mandolin and vintage organ, plus a rolling snare that gives this tune a little more liveliness than usual.

BACK TO THE BAYOU - Here’s a nod to late sixties/early seventies Bay Area swamp rock. Electric rhythm guitars keep things rolling.

BUCKETS OF BEERS, BUCKETS OF TEARS - If your to-do list includes getting morose and drowning your sorrows, here's the song for you! This country tearjerker instrumental has all the clichés that make a great crying in your beer song, with boozy guitars and honky-tonk piano. Plus it's in 3/4 time so it makes a nice country waltz.

BY A COUNTRY MILE - An up-tempo Modern Country music track that’s big and bold.

COUNTRY CHICKA BOOM - A nod to the early days of the country music outlaw. Just out of prison…or about to record a live album in one. This is pure classic country with lots of electric and acoustic guitar. Sooie!

COUNTRY CHUCK - A mainstream and movin' country track featuring Telecaster, slide and acoustic guitar, harmonica and piano. Good promo music for a country station.

COUNTRY DRIVE - Cookin’ country instrumental with a fast rolling beat and just a hint—a whiff of Southern Fried Boogie! This twang-fest features lots of electric guitar, and could cause you to drive like a moonshiner being chased by a revenuer

COUNTRY LAYDOWN - Here’s a tune with some scoot to it! This modern, mainstream country track is an up-tempo twang party with lots of guitars and honky-tonk piano.

COUNTRY LULLABY - Yes, it’s Brahms ‘n’ Boots! Brahms’s Lullaby presented as a mellow country waltz with acoustic guitars, piano, wistful slide and violins. One listen to thizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

FIDDLE ME THIS - Here’s a modern country fiddle tune featuring special guest the eFiddler. A rocking take on bluegrass.

GHOST TRAIN - Deep in the desert on a moonless night, you may hear this music grow louder and louder. It’s the Ghost Train! Lots of acoustic, electric and slide guitar in this tune to go with the rolling drum beat and an organ with Native American influences.

GRITTY COUNTRY ROCK - It’s a Southern-fried guitar fest! Electric, acoustic, bottleneck slide and dobro conspiring on this raunchy tune with a big beat.

HITCHIN' TO BAKERSFIELD - Traditional, retro-style country instrumental track with plenty of electric and acoustic guitar, honky-tonk piano and a smooth and swinging shuffle beat. A nice bit of classic country.

IT'S QUITTIN' TIME - This big modern country production salutes the end of the workday with banjo and electric and acoustic guitar.

MANDO! - An up-tempo rocking country instrumental with a mandolin leading the way. It’s acoustic, it’s electric, it’s…Mando!

MY HORSE THINKS HE'S COOL - A modern, hot country version of the westerny, gallopy thing. Rolling acoustic guitars, twangy electric ones and big rocking drums. Picture riding through the American West, but in a fast car./p>

MANDO! - The mighty cowbell propels this swampy-sounding music track with low-tuned baritone guitars playing off of each other. Elements of blues, rock and country make this a versatile tune./p>

PATRIOTIC COUNTRY - Basically a twang-filled, up-tempo country version of America the Beautiful, perfect for any US patriotic holiday. Like everybody’s favorite, Flag Day. And of course, Independence Day! Make this your soundtrack for Fourth of July fun as you shoot off illegal fireworks and accidentally burn down your neighbor’s shed!

RIDING THE E TRAIN - Need a fast moving train song? Well toot, here it is ! This cooking country tune takes you on a journey—reaching speed and rolling down the tracks toward destinations unknown. (The bar car is open so nobody cares where they’re going.) A churning drum beat propels guitars, bluesy harmonica and piano.

ROUTE 140 SOUTH - It’s a road song, a fiddle tune (thanks eFiddler!), and with the cowbell “solo,” cowbell players might consider it a cowbell song too, but it’s not. (“Cowbellists,” as they’re known, are always trying to exaggerate the importance of the cowbell. Hence their oft-ridiculed push for a National Cowbell Day.)

SPAGHETTI TWANG - Sounds like music from a spaghetti western movie. Great for any C.O.P. (cowboy-oriented project). Galloping beat.

SWINGIN' COUNTRY SHUFFLE - The original title was Shufflin’ Country Swing, but a song by that name appeared on a country album by the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. This tune will put you in a good mood with twangin’ guitars, honky-tonk piano and a rhythm that makes it hard to keep from moving at least one body part.

THE DOBRO RIDES UP FRONT - Here’s one for the road—a country rock track featuring lots of resonator guitar and a smooth steady beat.

THE GOLDEN AGE OF WESTERNS - This is believed to be the theme to the obscure TV western “Saddle Sore,” which holds the record as the only television series to ever be cancelled in the middle of the first episode. The galloping beat and twangy twelve-string will have you strapping on spurs in no time.

THE OPEN ROAD - Here’s a rocking country track that’ll make you want to steal a car and speed down the Interstate. A rolling beat, twangy electric guitar, banjo—it’s all here.

THE SUN BEAT DOWN - Picture a pickup truck in the hot sun, dodging tumbleweeds as it travels down a dusty dirt road, driven by a guy who used to have erectile dysfunction until he put a bathtub in his backyard. You’d have to agree that’s exactly what this tune brings to mind. A big thunderous beat is coupled with some greasy slide from Dobro and electric guitar.

THIS COUNTRY LIFE - Mellow bluegrass touches flow through this mid-tempo country tune that features acoustic guitar, dobro and piano.

TWANGOCITY - Yes, Twangocity. A state of being achieved by spending many days in a sweat lodge with nothing but an ancient electric guitar. Or by eating a lot of beef jerky. This music track is fast, it’s got a rolling beat, and it’s 100 per cent country.

MY HORSE THINKS HE'S COOL - A modern, hot country version of the westerny, gallopy thing. Rolling acoustic guitars, twangy electric ones and big rocking drums. Picture riding through the American West, but in a fast car.

(Pop/Variety)  (Rock)  (Christmas)

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