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When you click a link to any of the music tracks below, the music will play and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the track through our partners at AudioJungle. Click your browser’s back button to return to this page.

A NICE HAWAIIAN LEI - It’s the music track for all your tropical paradise needs! Ukulele? Of course. Plus slide guitar, a loose mid-tempo Hawaiian beat, and the sound of the shore. Aloha, mahalo, and pass the poi.

A PARROT STOLE MY BLENDER - Caribbean-style pop instrumental with steel drums, marimbas, timbales and congas evoking your typical tropical paradise. Want that margarita frozen or on the rocks?

AMERICANA BREAKOUT - Here’s an uplifting tune with an earthy rock feel to it. A repeating electric guitar is joined by organ, piano, bass, drums, and 12 string acoustic.

AULD LANG SYNE - It’s New Year’s Eve. The countdown has begun and the party is about to erupt. At the stroke of midnight would you rather hear that tired syrupy version of Auld Lang Syne again…or would you rather ROCK ? Enough said.

AWAKEN THE JAMAICAN - Ska and reggae elements abound in this up-tempo tropical tune. You’ll wish you were vacationing in Jamaica. (If you’re already in Jamaica, you’ll wish you were in Passaic, New Jersey.)

BOLLYWOOD OR BUST - If you get the urge to try out your Bollywood dance moves, go ahead. Nobody’s watching. Really. Traditional Indian instruments like the sitar blend with modern sounds in a music track that’s perfect for any production featuring a lot of colors and twirling around.

BIG INTRO THING - Whether you’re Podcasting, webcasting, newscasting, sportscasting or whatevercasting, you need a powerful musical introduction to start things off with a bang. Here you go! A big, brassy into is followed by background music so you can preview what’s coming up in your Podcast, webcast, newscast, sportscast or whatevercast to a happening beat! (Also suitable for projects that don’t end with “-cast.”)

BONGO BEATNIK JAZZ PARTY - As you sit in the dimly lit coffee house, you hope it’s dark enough the other patrons won’t notice that your turtleneck and beret aren’t black but dark brown, thus condemning you to a life of eternal uncoolness. This music track is definitely cool, with bongos, vibes and finger snaps. It’s a blast…you’ll dig it! (Beatnik-speak.)

BRASS ATTACK - This big and brassy, fast and funky music track features a horn section with trumpets and saxophones.

BUMP AND GRIND - TThis tune is designed to sound like a semi-bored house band performing a jazzy blues number in a burlesque house, with hip-thrusting drums, slinky sax and greasy guitars.

CAFFEINATED JAZZ - Here’s a good ‘n’ fast jazz track, performed by the renowned jazz quartet, the Four Pedestrians. Although widely respected in jazz circles, they seldom perform live do to the fact that nobody has a car and they have to walk to gigs with their instruments (grand piano, upright bass, electric guitar with amp and a drum kit). Their first live show was canceled when their piano was struck by a hit-and-run driver as they pushed it across the street.

CAREFREE AS ALL HECK - Here’s a happy and peppy tune with lots of vocal “do-dos.” Sounds like it could have been the theme to a TV sitcom you never watched. Would work well in a friendly radio commercial. It’s modern but with a touch of retro, and the do-dos really give it a unique air. So to speak.

CELLO AND 12 STRING HOOK UP - And they give birth to this song! 12 string acoustic guitar in alternate tuning mated with a mellow cello. It’s offbeat and pretty.

COME ON ALREADY - A big syncopated drum beat drives guitar, organ, piano and bass.

COP SHOW - All the bells and (cop) whistles have been thrown into the mix to give this music track the sound of a late seventies TV cop show opening theme. Also works as a cheesy retro sports track. Lots of fuzz, wah-wah and brass. Free pimp hat with purchase! (Supplies are extremely limited.)

DISCO LOVE DOCTOR - Smooth, romantic RnB soul instrumental with echoes of Barry White (right on!). Strings, harpsichord and wah wah guitar combine for a classy, funky groove straight out of the disco seventies

DISCO YACHT - Pure disco pleasure, if you can put the words “disco” and “pleasure” together. Has a similar feel to a popular light entartainment series of the 1970’s which was based on a ship! Meet me on the Lido Deck and wear polyester.

EAST L.A. CAR CLUB - This goes out to that special breed of custom car owner who has a very low opinion of speed bumps (road humps). It’s a spicy, rocking tune in the style of the band War, with flavors of Mexico and Latin culture. It fits perfectly in a Cinco de Mayo promo.

EVERYTHING'S SO GROOVY - You’ve probably suspected this already, but there are people who aren’t as groovy as you. By using this music track in your project, you’re helping to raise the level of groovyness of society as a whole. Bravo! A fun, fast psychedelic vibe here with 6 and 12 string electric guitars, sitar, tambourine, and an awesome cowbell.

FANFARE FANTASTIC - Trumpet fanfares highlight this up-tempo music track with a percolating bass synth and electronic drums. Great if you need to announce, unveil or present something. It makes a good background for a sports promo too. So say you need to announce your new glow-in-the-dark hockey puck. This is the song for you!

FIFTIES HOUSEWIFE - Cheesy, authentic sounding 50s music. The kind that might have been used in a TV or radio commercial to sell refrigerators or station wagons. Works well for a game show or a fifties classroom educational film parody.

FUNK CRUSADE - Uptempo, funky RnB track with Hammond B3 organ and guitar licks. This tasty bit of soul goodness may cause moving and/or grooving.

HALLOWEEN HULLABALOO - Here’s a scary little number that’s perfect for Halloween or anytime the mood strikes you, if the mood is TERROR !!! The skeleton’s playing xylophone, the mummy’s on sax, and the theater organ is playing itself! Macabre, ain’t it?

HAPPY FUNKY FLUTE - Here’s a rare example of the pan flute being used for good. A percolating drum loop, biting clavinet and fat (phat) bass synth combine to create a catchy composition. (Approved by the Association for Advanced Alliteration.)

HAPPY HAWAII - Aloha! This fun, up-tempo Hawaiian tune is a companion piece to A Nice Hawaiian Lei. It represents how happy you would feel if you arrived and a luau, only to find that they had run out of poi. So you didn’t have to eat any!

HERE COMES THE BRIDE (rock) - If the wedding ceremony kicks off with this version of “Here Comes the Bride,” you know the reception afterward is going to be off the hook. The style is fast rock and roll, with guitars, organ and drums.

HOPE ON THE HORIZON - Other song titles considered were “Majestic Meanderings” and “I Got Your Circle of Life Right Here, Pal.” This mid-tempo music track sounds uplifting, inspiring and maybe a little corny.

IT'S RAINING RAGTIME - Good time banjo, tuba and kazoo featuring Krazy Karl the Kazoo King! Works as a straight ragtime track, or as a novelty or comedy background. Also works as a roaring twenties theme if you’re a flapper or know one. 23 skidoo! Huh?

JAZZ COOL AND SPARSE - Give your project instant jazz flavor with this versatile mid-tempo music track which features piano, jazz guitar, bass and drums.

JAZZ IN FIVE-FOUR TIME - Fun with time signatures! This cool jazz composition starts off in five-four, then the horn section arrives and things cruise along in six-eight time for a while. A versatile tune with a lot of energy, it has kind of a sixties TV detective vibe and will work well in any situation where you need to take things in a jazzy direction. Feels a little like Dave Brubeck.

JOIN ME IN THE JUNGLE ROOM - When she learned that her blind date actually had a “jungle room,” she knew she had to fire her online dating service immediately. This lounge-style music track combines seduction and cheese and even includes a little “harem music” to heat things up toward the end. (Hope she brought her pepper spray!)

LATE IN THE INVASION - An ode to the later years of the British Invasion—the era of granny glasses, purple fur coats and questionable hygiene. The psychedelic sounds of sitar, 12 string and Mellotron will have you spinning off into a state of cosmic consciousness lickety-split.

LEAD THE WAY SARGE - This tune brings to mind those big budget war movies from the sixties and seventies, with a cast of dozens and a madcap plot that usually involved stealing Nazi loot or escaping from something. Also works for a western-themed project.

LOVE TRANSMISSION FROM SPACE - Synthesizers and spacey sounds are featured in this music track, evoking memories of 80s new wave and strange avian haircuts.

MARCHING BAND TAKES THE FIELD - Give your sports-oriented project the sound of a real marching band. This fast-paced music track has the feel of varsity and collegiate sporting events like football or basketball games. It would work in a commercial for a sports bar. Or a sports barn. (Cows love college hoops.)

MEAN TRUCKS - Big and beefy tune with aggressive trombones and driving percussion. Perfect for an automotive commercial, a sports promo or any project that requires music that is beefy and/or big.

OCEANS OF CONQUEST - Dramatic yet cheesy music track that would be right at home in a black and white syndicated TV series from the fifties, a forties newsreel, or a classroom educational film. (Please refrain from shooting spitballs at the projectionist.)

PERCOLATING GUITARS OF FUNK - You know, not all disco was rubbish. Some artists released some really catchy, funky stuff. The band Chic, which this music track is inspired by, is a good example. People still turn up the radio when a Chic song comes on. The Nile Rodgers style rhythm guitar is matched with crisp drumming, fat synth bass, strings and electric piano, in a tune that has elements of soul, jazz, and…disco!

POLKA VIBRATIONS - Mainstream polka dance track that works for most ethnic polka styles. And nothing says “style” like POLKA !

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT - Here’s a happy, upbeat, and motivating tune with bells, piano, acoustic guitars and clapping.

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT (REMIX) - The castanets and dramatic piano in this mid-tempo tune evoke a romantic stroll along the boardwalk, hand-in-hand with your date. (Strolling hand-in-hand with yourself not recommended.)

SHE DUMPED HIM AT THE RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL - The castanets and dramatic piano in this mid-tempo tune evoke a romantic stroll along the boardwalk, hand-in-hand with your date. (Strolling hand-in-hand with yourself not recommended.)

SIR UKULELE - The coolest thing about the ukulele is you look like a giant playing a human-sized guitar. Plus you’re not being bothered all the time by people asking you to play it. (“Any requests?” “Yes, put that thing away!”) This versatile music track with light-hearted marching feel and jazzy elements is suitable for comedy and children’s projects. The uke propels a simple whistled melody (it’s not Sir Ukulele—his lips are too thin to whistle) with tuba holding up the bottom end.

SKA TASTIC - Fast ska instrumental with horns. Ferris won’t be in today.

SLOW DANCE AT THE SOCK HOP - In the style of an old-time rock and roll ballad, this tune brings back nostalgic memories of the high school dance, making out with your steady, stealing vodka from your dad’s liquor cabinet, taking a joyride on your neighbor’s lawn tractor, six months in Juvie. Good times!

SNAKEBIT AT THE REVIVAL - It’s a gospel hoedown! Rousing and inspiring with plenty of hand clapping, organ and piano. Fits with R&B/soul, country and classic rock with its blues overtones. You’ll be saved! (Saved from spending more money on your music elsewhere than you will here!)

SOUNDS BREEZY - A rolling, percussive acoustic guitar jangles its way through this versatile music track. There are elements of soft rock, jazz, folk, country—even (gasp) new age. Easygoing yet up-tempo.

SPANISH FIRE -This music track’s fiery Spanish guitars, red hot crackling castanets and the blazing trumpet of Mihai Sorohan will cause you to leave your seat (to look for the fire extinguisher).

SPIES ARE COOL - This is what secret agents hear in their heads all the time. It’s three parts jazzy sixties TV spy series theme and one part campy beehive party music. Hand me my trench coat—I’ve got some spying to do.

SUBURBIA '59 - This big slice of musical cheese could have been used in a late fifties or early sixties TV or radio commercial, a game show or maybe an educational film. Mid-tempo, bouncy and retro.

SWING DUDE SWING - When the need arises to jump, jive and wail. Rocking big band jazz style. Hipster cats agree…it swings!

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME (JAZZ) - Here’s a swinging up-tempo jazz version of the baseball classic. Don’t miss the ‘CHARGE’ melody at the end. The boys of summer are BOPPIN’, man!

THE GLOBETROTTING WHISTLER - This tune was heard by over 13 million people when it was used in a 5 Hour Energy Commercial during the Daytona 500. It features the whistling wizardry of Andy Slatter. Yes, Andy really blows, doesn’t he? The versatility of this happy, jazzy music track with syncopated percussion makes it suitable for a wide variety of projects.

THE LAST HOOTENANNY - This was the last record released by the influential folk outfit The Towne Square Seven before they mysteriously disappeared for 18 months. They returned with a shorter name (TSS), longer hair and a new direction. Their new album “Toe,” a 40 minute rock opera all about the human toe, was considered a disaster by critics and failed to make a dent in the charts. Shortly thereafter the entire band simply forgot they were IN a band and never recorded or performed together again.

THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD - Imagine a walk down Main Street with this as your soundtrack. Look, there’s Mrs. Moore the librarian. And there’s Mr. Hale from the hardware store, looking good for a guy who just got out of prison! This versatile track is jazzy and folksy with a relaxed shuffle beat.

THE TYPEWRITER SONG - Ah, the typewriter. Who could forget the twisted ribbon, the stuck keys, the carbon paper or white-out. Anyone who says they miss those days is probably wearing pants that are on fire. Often overlooked is that the typewriter may have been the first drum machine! In the mid-twentieth century, If you wanted your song to convey “hustle and bustle,” you put a typewriter in it. This tune salutes those glory days with typewriter percussion and an overall cheesy retro sound.

TEJANO BLOCK PARTY - It’s a Tex Mex treat. This festive Tejano music track has mariachi, country, blues and rock and roll influences.

TIME FOR THE MARCH OF NEWS - Inspired by the newsreels of the forties and fifties (not that anybody around here is old enough to remember), this campy tune with a marching beat has many uses. It can give your project a retro feel, and it also works as a sports or patriotic theme.

WACKY PEOPLE CHASE - This madcap tune recalls the classic TV sketch where one guy starts chasing another, and soon half the town is chasing the other half, all at double speed. To increase the zaniness, there’s a verse of “Ain’t We Got Fun?” in the middle.

WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING - An acoustic, mid-tempo version of this favorite from the Emerald Isle, perfect for singing along with after your eighth green beer on St. Patrick’s Day.

WE MARCH FOR GLORY AND LUNCH - A snare drum keeps the cadence. Vocal do-dos carry the melody, backed by jangly electric guitar. This catchy tune has a rocking feel and is great for any project that needs a positive vibe.

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