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When you click a link to any of the music tracks below, the music will play and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the track through our partners at AudioJungle. Click your browser’s back button to return to this page.

BARNACLES ON MY SURFBOARD - Mmm, barnacles! After hearing this fast-paced surf tune, you’ll get a woody and head to the beach (if you have your driver’s licence) for some sand, surf and sun. 60s organ, electric guitars, and melanoma if you’re not careful. Kowabunga!

BASS AND DRUMS DO BUSINESS - The record producer knew the band had partied a wee bit too much when only the bass player and drummer showed up the next day. This action-packed music track features bass guitar and drums rocking out and that’s pretty much it! Great for something like a sports-themed TV/radio promo.

BEETHOVEN SYM SEVEN 2.0 - Based on Ludwig Von’s Symphony No. 7 Pt. 2, this tune combines classical music and rock, a unique concept that has never been tried before!

BIG BAD BARROOM BLUES - Take a bite of Texas blues with this tune full of guitar and organ licks, bass, drums and a horn section. You’ll feel like you’re stuck in the Austin City Jail with no money for bail. What could be more fun that that?

BILLIE'S ROCKABILLY - This retro rocket blasts off and just keeps going. A swinging rockabilly beat and twangy guitars may—no, WILL cause uncontrolled toe-tapping!

BLACK LEATHER PUNKS - Fast, loud and proud. Guitar, organ, bass and drums, and a good dose of seventies retro punk.

BLUES BOOM - Uptempo, rockin’ blues with some greasy guitar licks, bottleneck slide, Hammond B3 organ and a big beat. You’ll get the blues and lose them at the same time. How? Musical magic!

BLUES FROM AN OLD 78 RECORD - Sounds like a dusty, scratchy old record you might have found in your grandpa’s attic, right next to his old still. Just a couple of blues guys with their beat up guitars and a moanin’ harmonica.

BLUES INJECTION - Here’s a rocking little blues number that starts off low-down and funky and builds from there. After a big rocking crescendo it gets all low-down again at the end. Electric blues guitar—slide and otherwise—and a beat up old B3.

BONGO ROCK - Retro, raunchy and rockin’! Twangy electric guitars, B3 organ and a whole lotta bongo.

CHOPSTICKS THE ROCK OPERA - Was there ever a simple song not made better by slathering on the bombast?

DARK GUITAR - Here’s a mid-tempo alternative-leaning rock track with a slight ominous or “sneaking around” feel.

DIDLEY SQUAT - A raw up-tempo bluesy sound and that familiar beat that’s favored by old blues guys and English girl groups alike. Big drums and a dirty temolo guitar are highlights.

DOWN HOME FRONT PORCH BLUES - Leave the electric guitars in the car. Only bottleneck slide, acoustic guitars, bass and drums are invited to this party.

DRAG RACE - Here’s an ode to hot rods and burning rubber on the quarter mile. Lots of raunchy guitars in this retro rock and roll track which also sports a surf music vibe. (A version without the robot countdown is included. The robot will not be offended if you use that one.)

EXCESSIVE GUITAR - Rocking guitar boogie at its finest, featuring legendary guitar slinger Derrick “Lotta Notes” Claxton. (The word “overplay” is not in his vocabulary!) If this guitar instrumental doesn’t get your toes tapping or your butt wiggling, we will refund your money. (Not really.)

GIVE A HOOT - Behold the melodica. The band War used it in their biggest hit. It was the lead instrument in the opening theme to “The Office” (US version). Heck, Philly band the Hooters was named for the melodica, also known as a hooter! Not bad for a little hand-held keyboard wind instrument you might have played in third grade music class. Here it’s used along with mandolin, guitars, piano and drums, to create a big classic rock and roll instrumental with some hill country and “Jersey” elements.

GRITTY COUNTRY ROCK - It’s a Southern-fried guitar fest! Electric, acoustic, bottleneck slide and dobro conspiring on this raunchy tune with a big beat.

HAIR TODAY, BAND TOMORROW - This hard hitting track will have you rocking. And rolling if you’re not careful. Up-tempo, lots of guitars, and finished with a generous spray (Aqua Net) of eighties hair band bombast.

HEAVY HARV - It’s…HEAVY…heavy…heavy! Lots of rocking guitars, rocking hard. Would make a good backing track for a sports promo.

HORNY VEGAS - A big shuffle beat propels growling guitars, Hammond B3 organ and a big brass section. It’s a dry heat!

HOW HOW HOW - Smokin’ electric blues rock that boogies with the best of them. That’s how!

LOW-DOWN AND DIRTY - Raunchy baritone electric guitars grind their way through this swampy, bluesy hard-rocking tune. Goes well with whiskey.

NEW WAVE ROBOT SURFERS - Fast and fun eighties retro New Wave sound with synthesizers, drum machine and twangy surf guitars. You’ll want to grab your flower pot hat.

ROCKABILLY ALL STARS - Loud guitars, upright bass, drums and slap-back echo. Done.

ROCKABILLY BOOGIE - Authentic fifties sounding rockabilly. The crazy boogie woogie rhythm highlights the electric guitars, standup slap bass and drums, ensuring that YOUR billy gets a good rocking!

ROCKABILLY REFLEX - Toe-tapping rockabilly number that’ll make you want to say “Go, cat, go,” over and over annoyingly. Slap-back fun from the fifties.

ROWDY NA NA - This tune is either a simple barroom sing-along, or the perfect vehicle for saying “I was right and you were wrong.” Lots of loud guitars, rocking piano and more in this fun up-tempo music track.

SEQUENTIAL INTENSITY - “Driving” is the only word to describe this music track. And “powerful.” OK, so “driving” and “powerful” are the only two words to describe this music track. A crunchy synth patern is joined by some edgy repeating guitar. Works for everything from a radio promo to an action movie.

SOLITARY SURFER - The Solitary Surfer rides one last wave in the setting sun. As he wipes out yet again, he suddenly realizes that his board will make great fuel for the night’s bonfire! Classic surf tune with reverb-washed electric guitars, electric organ, bass and drums.

p> STARTING LINEUP - A rockin’ athletic piece perfect for a sportscast or any project that needs energy. Crunchy guitars, organ and drums conspire to keep things moving!

SURF PATROL - They’re the surfer dudes in blue (Speedos)...wearing a badge and hanging ten. This track evokes the early days of rock and roll, especially the surf era. Loud guitars, cheesy organ, pounding drums. You have the right to remain rad.

SURF PONIES - For all your surf music needs, a nice up-tempo surfing track with a Dick Dale vibe. My woody can beat your woody!

SURFERS HALL OF FAME - Surf-drenched twelve and six string guitars punctuate this retro-sounding music track, with electric piano, bass, drums and tambourine along for the ride. A good tune for practicing your bathtub body surfing.

SWAMP ZOMBIES - They’re coming!!! But it may take a while. Like all zombies, Swamp Zombies are slow and can be easily taken out with a four iron. Yet folks still manage to get caught and eaten. You’d think they would pay attention if zombies were nearby, but apparently not. This music track oozes Southern Rock, with its acoustic and electric guitars, dobro and banjo, and a gritty big beat to back it up

SYNCOPATED SNAP - A tight and funky tune with whip cracking snare, stinging electric guitar and a versatile style that has hints of rock, alternative, soul and blues. Careful—you may want to “strut your stuff!” (Not responsible for injuries caused by stuff strutting.)

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME (ROCK) - Fast and fun version of the baseball classic, with elements of punk, new wave, ska and surf. Picture Harry Caray in a mosh pit!

TEXAS PUNCH - This beefy bit of guitar boogie-woogie does indeed pack a rocking punch with some greasy guitars, a horn section and a big backbeat.

THE NEVER-ENDING BLUES ROCK SONG - Here’s a tip of the hat to those bands who try to drive their concert audiences wild by stretching out the endings to their songs. It’s a rockin’ boogie-woogie blues number with a really, really, really long AND bombastic ending. (Two-thirds of the song is the ending!)

THE SERIOUS SURFER - This retro-sounding tune will give you the urge to wax your surfboard, even if you don’t have one. The surf-drenched electric guitars give it a sixties beach vibe.

THERE'S TALK OF ROCK - If you're looking for something that combines a guitar talk box, plenty of distortion and a big beat, this track will speak to you.

TIGHT AND PUNCHY BLUES - This one pops! Snappy electric guitars and an even snappier horn section keep the energy level high. There’s a touch of sixties go-go, but this tune is modern, versatile, and it’s got drive!

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